About RIF

RIF (Consulting Engineers’ Association) is a gathering of knowledge-based companies that plan, lead and advise on the building of the Norway of tomorrow. Our members comprise more than three quarters of the Norwegian consulting industry, employ about 11,500 people and have a combined annual revenue of about NOK 15 billion.

The companies RIF represent have solid expertise in buildings, transport, renewable energy, water, industry, environment, risk management, architecture, planning and IT. They offer consultancy services for all phases of a project – from the development of ideas and concepts, through planning and engineering design to operation and follow-up. Through broad professional expertise and innovation, they constantly develop more sustainable, effective, and socially beneficial solutions.

We manage the large construction projects, ensuring the end results are delivered to specifications. We oversee the design, modeling and calculations on all major buildings and facilities, providing the foundation for the building of hospitals, schools, roads and bridges. Without us, the construction industry stops.

From the conception to the completion of a project, our experts play a crucial role in shaping our communities. They find the smart solutions that save money for customers and society as a whole. They deliver high-quality results that are both functional and sustainable, bringing to life housing complexes, common areas and sporting facilities.

Foundation for creating value

For every krone spent on our advice, ten more are spent on building. We deliver the foundation for more than 16 billion euros in value creation each year. This has enormous impact – not only for customers, but also for jobs and tax income across Norway. The quality of our deliveries is crucial to the whole value chain.

RIF seeks to ensure that society, policy makers and clients gain a better understanding of the impact our members have on society.

Good framework conditions ensure effective construction projects of high quality, contributing to even greater value creation for society.

Looking ahead

Competence, thoroughness and knowledge will in the future play an even bigger role in building the country. Finding the right solutions now will strengthen Norway ahead and prevent potentially enormous costs down the road. Comprehensive and long-term thinking pays off for both the environment and tax payers. To keep up, Norway needs to build smarter, deepen digitalization, upgrade and develop. The engineering consulting industry will play a key role.

RIF is an independent industry association. Our members operate within consulting, planning and project management in the construction industry – with core competency in the fields of engineering technology, architecture, project and company management as well as IT.

The RIF administration is based in Oslo and the association has 10 branches across the country.